We are revolutionizing the way frac water is heated.  We specialize in safely, efficiently and rapidly heating water with the safest, largest, and fastest diesel fired water heater currently in the oilfield.  No blowing hot air or black smoke up your…just the next generation of frac water heating that is flame free.  Heck, you can stand in the exhaust stack of our latest generation units….how is that for efficiency….


Safety – no open flames here, no flame or vent doors….how about 6 burner E stops !! NO ONE…no one has safer equipment in the business!

Capacity – how about 19 BBL (798 gpm) per minute adding 100 F to the water coming in from a pond with our biggest unit and the same rate but adding 50 F with the smaller units.  We have some more capacity when we draw water from a surface tank (Poseidon, Eco Pond, Water Corral, etc) or a pipeline.  This is RAW & UNBLENDED capacity.

Value - the VERY BEST VALUE when you equally compare what we offer and what the competition offers. Safety, less fuel consumed, cooler exhaust ….Do you want carbon credits?

We are the little guys in the fracture and industrial water heating business.  We focus on safely and efficiently meeting our customers needs.   We want to grow to be a larger company and that only happens with a great employee team and excellent customers…without either, we are out of business.


We focus on frac heating water – We are the safest.  Period.

BRAND NEW LABOR SAVER !!!!   We now offer remote monitoring of water temperature and can send you a text with the temperature of the water hourly if needed.  (Works awesome when we have Verizon cell service..so sorry, will not work every where)  Talk about managing from the couch…don’t tell your boss!!  O’ yea… we can do pressure, level, and other things if requested.  Knowledge is key in working smarter and not harder in this business and is yet another tool we have that no other heating company has.

Due to our heater size we prefer large surface tanks, pits and pipelines.  Frac tanks are good too except we get a little fat and sassy heating the big water and have to sweat a bit with the 500 BBL tanks.  We simply let our heating capacity speak for itself.  Talk is cheap, performance is proof.  We let our equipment produce the results and back up our smack.  Simply go measure their burner boxes on their heaters and then come measure ours.  You will see that SIZE MATTERS – Call us.


We produce a raw unblended rate of 19 barrels (798 gal / min) per minute of water that is elevated by 102 degrees F temperature rise from the intake water temperature.   Blended rates are substantially higher of course.  AND yes we can produce a bit more raw volume but we will keep it to ourselves just in case someone wants to have a little water heating contest…BIG GRINS!!

 Give us a try and call today to see if SIZE MATTERS