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We are revolutionizing the way frac water is heated. We specialize in safely, efficiently and rapidly heating water with the safest, largest, and fastest diesel fired water heaters currently in the oilfield.


First Class Safety – no open flames here, no flame or vent doors….how about 6 burner E stops !! NO ONE…no one has safer equipment in the business!

High Capacity – 19 BBL (798 gpm) per minute adding 100 F to the water coming in from the source with our biggest unit and the same rate but adding 50 F with the smaller units.

Best Value – when you equally compare output temperature and output volume. First Class Safety, less fuel consumed, cooler exhaust ….more heat in the water.


  • Delta T of 100F with the largest unit and Delta T of 50F with our smaller units. Our burners are also fully modulated so we can turn them done to less heat.
  • Flow rate of 19 barrels per minute – 798 gallons per minute
  • Oilfield proven with refinery certification and gentle enough for lagoon microbes
  • Flame Free Exhaust – Most Energy Efficient units EVER built. Largest unit has a 450F exhaust temp and the smaller units have 140F temperature.
  • Heating of large surface water tanks, frac tanks, ponds, fire systems, process and enzyme water, continuous heat loop re-circulations and many other uses.
  • Oilfield focused with peripheral vision for other viscus type water heating needs.

“Quality is never and accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William A. Foster